Sunday, April 29, 2012

Boone Fork Trail

One of the awesome things about living in Boone is the number of trails there are to hike.  No matter how long you have been here, you can ask a friend what their favorite trail is and you will learn of a new trail.

Now that the weather is warmer, we decided to take off on a one that we have not been on lately.  The Boone Fork Trail is a 4.9 mile loop that is listed as "strenuous" because of the constant changes in elevation, steep cliffs, crossing creeks and a ladder.  The kids were excited.  The last time we did this trail, I hike the whole thing with Patrick in a back back and Ann was 4.5.

So we set off after we finish Sunday School at church.  It was about 11:30 when we reached the trail head.  The kids were excited and we had a back back full of water this time.

The first mile or so is fairly flat and easy.  Then it starts to get harder.  Soon we were climbing over trees to stay on the trail.

But the views were awesome at the top of the trail.

And the kids found cool places to hide and take a rest from hiking.

 At about the half way point, the trail follows a pretty sizable river.  The kids enjoyed being able to climb down to the river and stick there toes into it.  If you notice the waterfall, we did not want them playing in the river.

 All too soon, we were finished and on out way to the car, starving and ready to look for some food.  Patrick gets to the end and could not believe that he had finished.  And in record time, 4 hours and 45 minutes.  I know a mile an hour may seem slow, but with a trail this strenuous, that is a good pace.  We came out unharmed except for some wet shoes when we crossed the creek a couple of times and stepped into it.
I was thinking about it and a hike that long is just like life itself.  You need to be prepared and make sure you take what you need.  At the point you are ready to turn around and give up, you find that you are closer to the end then the beginning.  The trail may seem lonely, but there are thousands of people who have done the same thing.  And finally, having a slow partner may not be a bad thing as it gives you time to slow down and enjoy what is around you.

Look for more blogs this summer as we explore more trails.  The kids are really excited to find new ones after today.

What is your favorite trail and where is it?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Patrick's latest project

Due to where we live, we can't plant outside until late May.  We even got snow today!  So, we often start our vegetable plants inside to extend our season a little longer.

We planted inside on Sunday.  We put pole beans, bell peppers, banana peppers, watermelon and peas into cups with hope something will come from them.  We put them on a rolling cart so that they take less room and we can move them to have the best sun.

Matt told Patrick it is his job to take care of the plants.  This morning, Patrick carefully watered all the plants.  He told me that we couldn't leave the house this morning to make sure that the plants are okay.  I told him that they don't need sun right now, but when they germinate, we will have to worry about sun more.  I am excited to see how he takes care of them.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's Paid

Last Saturday, during Patrick's birthday party, my husband went into our room for some reason and told me I need to check my email.  It was up on the screen and this is what I saw:

It is my pleasure to offer you a Chancellor's Fellowship 

and I freaked out!  I never thought I was going to be award such a huge scholarship for my Master's Degree.  The Chancellor's Fellowship pays all my tuition and fees for both years.   When I applied for my degree, I knew I won't qualify for it since both parts of your GRE score had to be above the 70th percentile and my verbal score was a 69.  Matt and I debated whether or not I score retake the GRE, and I didn't do it as I was not sure if my score would go up, plus it is $200 plus four hours of my time for a chance at a scholarship.

Then the details come.  I have to keep at least a 3.7 GPA for my fellowship to be renewed each semester, plus  I have to keep full time status.  So, my brain went to work.  Basically, I have to have all A's in my class since I would only be taking 9 hours.  I think, well, this is what I need to keep my assistantship, so that shouldn't be too hard.  Or is it?

I need to calm down like this and enjoy the blessings I have received going to this without being boastful as my husband says (maybe that is why I haven't blogged about it for a week).  Apparently, there are people out there who think I can handle this (and the kids and the house and my schedule..........) and I should be thankful and not over analyze this (and stop thinking I shouldn't have gotten it which later I found out I really shouldn't have).

But, I went to email an acceptance the other day and this response made me smile:

Letters were signed yesterday. congrats!!!! (and it is about time you came back!!!  :-)  )

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

She did it!

I wanted to let everyone know that Ann did it.  She met her goal of 1200 boxes and I will be working out the details for her to go to camp this summer.  She had fun looking over her choices of camps this afternoon and choose one.  I will miss her, but I am proud of her!

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Stripped Altar

The stripped altar.  Just a reminder of what these few days are about.