Friday, May 18, 2012

Letterland at Tweetsie

Over the last two days, Patrick and I spent both days at Tweetsie Railroad in their celebration of Letterland.  Letterland is the phonics system the local elementary schools use to teach the kids how to read.  Each letter in Letterland has a character.  Through stories about each character, they learn how letters come together to make sounds.

 He got to meet Quarrelsome Queen,  who is rarely without her umbrella.

 He also got to meet Kicking King, and got a key to the Kingdom.

 Dippy Duck and Eddy Elephant were awesome.  Eddy Elephant gave Patrick an emerald.
Annie Apple was very willing to give him a hug.
 Clever Cat was also there, but where was her car?

 Bouncy Ben was bigger then life.

 Of course, no trip to Tweetsie is complete without a ride on the train.

As we leave, Patrick had to watch the train cross the Trestle.  I think watching the train is more fun to Patrick then riding it.


  1. What an interesting and fun way to learn! :)

  2. That is an interesting way to learn! I wish our schools did something like this. I'm glad he had fun!

  3. What a fun place for the kids! :) Wish there was something around us like this!

  4. How cute is this place?!
    I've never seen anything like it. Kids must just love it.