Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mini Vacation

Last Thursday and Friday, the kids had off school because of teacher workdays.  We decided to go visit my parents so that Ann could deliver to them their Girl Scout Cookies.  Mom wanted the kids to plan an activity, so they narrowed all the kids activities in Charlotte to the Raptor Center, Reed's Gold Mine and Lazy 5 Ranch.  The kids voted and they decided on Lazy 5 Ranch.

Lazy 5 Ranch is a private zoo north of Charlotte that offers wagon tours.  Mark went there with a class field trip and said we had to go back.  So, we get in the car.   I never went, so I did not know what to expect.  We signed up for a wagon tour and we go there a little early, so the kids had a little time to explore.  Then it was time for the wagon tour.  When we  get on the wagon, we were told there was a bucket of food for every two people to share.  The kids got to feed giraffes, horses, emus, pigs and even a holy cow!  They had a cow that came from India.

We left the ranch and the kids were tired and hungry.  So we started on the road again.  This time, my mom had a surprise for them.  She was taking them to Reed's Gold Mine.

Reed's Gold Mine was the sight of the first documented gold find in the USA.  You get to see where the gold was found and tour the mines.  We got there at 4:12, so we had 18 minutes to tour the mine before they closed.

We toured Reed's Gold Mine often as child, so it was cool to take my kids there.  They really enjoyed the history and I think they are looking forward to coming back this summer.  They want to pan for gold and the mine feels really good in the summer as it stays about 55* year round.

On Friday, my mom had one final surprise for the kids.  She took them to the Raptor Center.  The Raptor Center is a non-profit that helps injured raptors and hopefully gets them to the point that they can be released back into the wild.  The kids had a good time looking at the owls, hawks and eagle.

We left Friday afternoon to come home.  The kids had a lot of fun that weekend and were tired.  But, on Saturday, they had the Pinewood Derby to look forward to.


  1. I LOVE THIS! I would love to go visit that gold mine! That looks like a lot of fun!

  2. That's awesome that you got to do all the things the kids wanted to on your mini vacation!! Do you have the website for the Lazy 5 Ranch? I love that they give you a bucket so you can feed the animals!! Now we have a couple places to add to our *places to go* list :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Here's the website for Lazy 5:

  4. Looks like a great outing. It's good to know our school is not the only one that has frequent days off because of the teachers doing something...

    1. We rarely have days off except due to snow. They had these days off due to a new curriculum standard coming in next year.

  5. Aren't outings like this so fun with the kids! Mine are all grown now, and I miss them!

  6. Oh!! How fun for all of you! Don't you just love little getaway's like that? I'm hoping to do something fun as a little mini vacation with my daughters for Spring break.

  7. It is always nice to know that the wildlife is still being preserved, and that different ranches get involved in doing so. Those raptors are pretty lucky to have a ranch where they are being treated and fed. Not to mentioned being adored by nature and animal lovers.

    Rodger Ciliberto