Saturday, March 17, 2012


My life has gone to the cookies.  It seems like it is consuming all my time.

Ann has decided she is going to fulfill her goal of 1200 boxes.  Old Navy at the Mall has said she can set up a booth when she needed to, so with that and a promise to us, I ordered 23 extra cases of cookies last Monday.  So now, we have at this point 269 boxes to sell.  For some, that is a lot of cookies.  But a 3 hour cookie booth, 90 boxes can be sold.  She now has to commit to her goal as I can't return the cookies, so we are in it for the long haul, probably 2 more weekends.  And for all of her (and my) hard work, she has earned herself a week at camp.  I really hope she enjoys it.

My week days seem to be consumed by cookies as I have parents (especially one) wanting to know how many boxes of cookies their daughter has sold or how much money they owe the troop.  It seems like a constant.  If I am not answering emails, I am getting texted or delivering cookies.  I am looking forward to Monday when I have to close the cookie season down.  I print off final reports and then it is done.  Hopefully, all the money will be turned in on Thursday and then it will be done except for meeting Ann's goal.

And if I see another Girl Scout cookie for a months, I may scream.

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