Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Lent started this year on my anniversary, February 22nd.  So, my anniversary had very little celebrating.   Maybe we will learn from this experience as it will happen again on our 20th anniversary.

So, to observe Lent, my each member of my family sacrifices something.  We, as a family give up meat for the entire Lent (I am always looking for some good vegetarian options).  We also go to Stations of the Cross almost every Friday.  Mark and Ann are doing a decade of the rosary.  Patrick has given up candy (but not cookies as there are over a hundred boxes of cookies in my house and that would be too hard for a four year old).  My stepson has reportly given up gum.

What have I given up?  The computer after 8pm.  My house is cleaner, I am going to bed on time and I am spending more time with my husband.  But, my blog posts will be a little further apart.  Yes, I still need to tell you about my vacation.

I hope you are growing this Lent as well!

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