Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My last Kindergarten Orientation

Last Thursday, Hardin Park had orientation for its incoming Kindergarten Class.  It's a day where the new parents and students get to meet each other, the teachers at the school and the support personal.  This being my third child, I was there for Patrick has it had not changed much since Mark went through Kindergarten Orientation.

Patrick was, as you can imagined, beyond excited.  He had been counting down the days since the sign appeared at school.  He woke up that morning, ready to go.  Patrick was so excited about it, he had to call his Nana and tell her all about it.  He couldn't wait to meet the new people coming in and ride the bus.  He had been helping out at Hardin Park for four years now, but he was excited that it was his time to start the journey and be able to ride a school bus.

For me, it was very emotional as it means that I won't have a little one at home next year.  For the last two times, I had a little one with me as I went through it to distract me from the emotions.  This year, I did not .It was a morning of reflection as I have been a "stay at home" mom for 9 years now.  (by the way, I hate the term "stay at home." I wish I could spend a full day at home.)

I will treasure these last 15 days of just me and Patrick at home and cuddle him a little tighter.  He has grown so much in the last few months and I really need to savor it before it is over.  I know other people have told me that they still need me, and I know that is true.  But, I won't have the time or the freedom I am used to having to watch Patrick chase a butterfly across a field.

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  1. Aww! I bet it is sad to not have any little one at home with you since they'll all be off to school!

    Visiting from VB!