Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Patrick's latest project

Due to where we live, we can't plant outside until late May.  We even got snow today!  So, we often start our vegetable plants inside to extend our season a little longer.

We planted inside on Sunday.  We put pole beans, bell peppers, banana peppers, watermelon and peas into cups with hope something will come from them.  We put them on a rolling cart so that they take less room and we can move them to have the best sun.

Matt told Patrick it is his job to take care of the plants.  This morning, Patrick carefully watered all the plants.  He told me that we couldn't leave the house this morning to make sure that the plants are okay.  I told him that they don't need sun right now, but when they germinate, we will have to worry about sun more.  I am excited to see how he takes care of them.


  1. Way to go Patrick! Maybe we can seedling swap! We saved way too many pumpkin seeds. Want some?

  2. We have some! Hopefully, we will lots of seedlings to swap.

  3. Good for him! It's so cute watching him do that :)