Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's Paid

Last Saturday, during Patrick's birthday party, my husband went into our room for some reason and told me I need to check my email.  It was up on the screen and this is what I saw:

It is my pleasure to offer you a Chancellor's Fellowship 

and I freaked out!  I never thought I was going to be award such a huge scholarship for my Master's Degree.  The Chancellor's Fellowship pays all my tuition and fees for both years.   When I applied for my degree, I knew I won't qualify for it since both parts of your GRE score had to be above the 70th percentile and my verbal score was a 69.  Matt and I debated whether or not I score retake the GRE, and I didn't do it as I was not sure if my score would go up, plus it is $200 plus four hours of my time for a chance at a scholarship.

Then the details come.  I have to keep at least a 3.7 GPA for my fellowship to be renewed each semester, plus  I have to keep full time status.  So, my brain went to work.  Basically, I have to have all A's in my class since I would only be taking 9 hours.  I think, well, this is what I need to keep my assistantship, so that shouldn't be too hard.  Or is it?

I need to calm down like this and enjoy the blessings I have received going to this without being boastful as my husband says (maybe that is why I haven't blogged about it for a week).  Apparently, there are people out there who think I can handle this (and the kids and the house and my schedule..........) and I should be thankful and not over analyze this (and stop thinking I shouldn't have gotten it which later I found out I really shouldn't have).

But, I went to email an acceptance the other day and this response made me smile:

Letters were signed yesterday. congrats!!!! (and it is about time you came back!!!  :-)  )


  1. Congratulations, what an honor and achievement!!! Smarty Pants! Wishing you lots of luck and FREE TIME ;)

  2. That is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing