Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ann!

I admit, I am a little late with this.  Having a baby born at Christmas throws an interesting spin in the season.  But, we try to make her day extra special.

Ann's birthday is December 23rd.  What a day.  But, being a Christmas baby myself, I was prepared for this.  Normally, we celebrate her birthday the weekend before schools get out for winter break, but this year, she wanted to go to an ASU basketball game for her birthday, so we celebrated her birthday the day before on the 22nd.

We had lunch at our house,  and then with my family and some friends, we went to the ASU game.  We were surprised how well attended the game was for ASU being out.

My dad event got to meet Yosef.

Here are some pictures from Ann over the years:

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