Thursday, October 20, 2011

The power of some little Girl Scouts

My girl scout troop is working on the "Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden" Journey.  To finish up this Journey, they had to do a mini - service project that they selected.  The playground that most of they play on at school had mulch dumped on it weeks ago and no one had spread it out yet.  I thought it would be a service project they would be into and they agreed to do it very enthusiastically.

Well, the day came for us to do the work and it rained all day.  I was on the phone with my assistant leader it seemed like all day trying to decide what to do.  We decided to go for it in the rain as we were afraid that by the next meeting there would be snow on the ground. (Just a side note - snow was predicted for today - exactly one week after the event).  I prayed all day long for it to stop raining so we could get the work done.  15 minutes before we were to begin, the rain stopped and there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

My phone rung off the hook that afternoon with everyone asking if we were going to do it.  We got out there at 6pm and the girls immediately got to work.  Every girl had at least one parent out there helping as well.  We had 45 minutes before a lightening storm came, but those girls worked very hard for those 45 minutes and were very proud of what they had done.  I was so proud of what had done too.  We did not get it all done, but we got 75% of the work done. Some came out a few days later to try to finish up, and we nearly got there.

I heard from my daughter's teacher, that the girls that are in the same class as her were very much bragging to their classmates about the change they helped make at their school.  And they deserved it.


  1. Hello. I found you via vB and am now following you.

  2. Oh that is fantastic! Those girls will carry the memory of that day with them, and hopefully nurture hearts of service!!

  3. I love that you did this. It's so great to get youngsters involved in things like this. I am a huge believer in volunteering. Makes you see the world in a different light.

  4. Hi Amber~ Love that you are teaching the girls to serve others. That is a wonderful Christ-like message.

    Ali from VB

  5. My daughter is a Daisy, and the did that journey last year. What a great project. and what a great lesson for your girls. I especially love the rainbow in the sky right when you got to work! :)