Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas drama

Can I admit something?  I really don't like getting gifts at Christmas.  I know that may sound crazy, but it is just who I am.  I don't really remember one stand out gift in my entire life that I was ever excited about.  Maybe it is just the drama that it creates.  Don't get me wrong, I like gift shopping for other people, in small amounts.  I don't like hurting other people's feelings when they get a gift I don't want ( there is some of that going on in my family right now), but at the same time I can't be fake about my emotions.   Maybe it is just the commercialization of Christmas I hate.

What do I like about Christmas?  I like the family time it creates when we go to church together.  I really enjoy the family mass at our church with the Christmas pageant Gospel Drama.  I like singing songs together and making cookies together.  I like being on the road with my kids some and coming back home.  I like having a little more time to myself as my husband has time off.  I like sending out Christmas cards, and I like getting them.  

What am I suppose to do?  I don't want to seem ungrateful though it comes across that way.  I try to smile and say "Thank you" but it don't know how it comes across.  I hate the way it  may hurt other people's feelings.  I remember dealing with this as a teenager as well.  I received two awesome gifts this year that I am really grateful for this year: a couple made a donation in our name to our local homeless shelter and another person donated a stuffed animal in our name to another organization.

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