Friday, December 9, 2011

No, they are not in my way............

So, a friend posted a link to a blog article on Facebook and for some reason, I felt I had to read it.  The post ended this way
"My hope for myself today (and each day) is that I will live as though I am raising human beings, not managing inconveniences. "

(You can see the original article here:

This stopped and made me think.  Do I treat my children like this or do I treat them like they are inconveniences?  Today, after getting back with my stepson, I felt like I was treating my daughter as one.  And I felt bad, as she really wanted my attention.  So, I had a craft to finish up and I invited her to help me.  Sure, it took twice as long, but she is my daughter and I want her to feel special.

That is the reason I am so scared about going back to school next year.  For the last 8 1/2 years, my kids have been my life and I LIKE it that way.  If one of them is sick, sure I am upset that I can't go to the gym, but they need me.  If they need a volunteer at school, I am there.  There are so many other opportunities and volunteer positions that come my way, but I want my kids to know that I put them and my husband first and that they are not holding me back.  They are only going to be with my 18 short years and then they are gone.  That is when I can have my time.  (By the way, I will only be 43 when Patrick graduates from High School, so I will have plenty of time)

There are kids at school that I see their parents just managing them.  I know this may soon mean, but I feel sorry for them.  They don't understand why I still read to my kids.  Or at parties at school, those are the parents that are never there.   I see the look of sadness in their faces and I don't know what to do about it.

I truly see my kids as blessings from God and am grateful that He apparently trusts me more then I do.  I have to remember that I am raising my grandchildren's parents and I want my grandchildren to be wonderful people.

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  1. You are wonderful mother that I am honored to know. Your children sparkle because of your bounding love for them.