Thursday, August 9, 2012

Patrick's First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Patrick's first day of Kindergarten.  The school rotates the Kinders in, so he will have tomorrow off and he will meet his full class on Monday.   He was so proud to get off the bus today!

So, I had to ask him how his day went.  He said that his favorite part of the day was going to the playground.  He said he did not nap during nap time, but had to stay quiet.  I asked him about his teacher and all he said was her name was Mrs. Blakely.

Patrick did get in a disagreement with his sister on the walk home from the bus.  He was very convinced that there was only 100 days of school (they must have talked about the 100th day of school party) and Ann said that he was wrong.  It went on and on and on.  Apparently, the idea of a party stuck with him.

I did okay today.  My stepson was home with me (he doesn't start school until much later in August), so I was not by myself to get upset.  We will see how Monday goes when he goes to school and I will be home by myself.


  1. Awe, you'll be ok. Think of all of the things you can accomplish when everyone's at school? Don't be sad.

  2. School is back in session already.. *sigh* lol
    Ours starts soon here and I have a Kindergartner going too. NOT looking forward to it, I miss him already. I think he'll like it though, and that's important. :)

    Your little man's first day of school pic is precious.

  3. He looks very proud of himself!! I can't imagine I homeschool my kiddos but I am pretty sure I'd be a bit of a basket case with all of them out of the nest. Eventually we adjust to changes don't we!!??!!

  4. such a cute back to school pic... such a big deal for them and even bigger for us mama's... best wishes for you come monday :)

  5. so cute! i am already dreading my 4 year old twins starting kindergarten in 2 years! (they have a late august bday). of course i am also looking forward to it! because i know those first few days of sadness of seeing your baby all growed up will be replaced by the oooh and ahhhs of pride by getting school artwork brought home and those adorable kindergarten performances.