Friday, August 24, 2012

The first quiz

Yesterday, I gave my first quiz ever.  I thought it was really easy and my students should have been well prepared for it.

I was wrong.  I was looking forward to making them cookies Sunday night as their reward.  That is not going to happen.

The average was somewhere in the 60's.  I am shocked.  These questions were homework problems and review from Algebra II.

I am breathing.  This is not my fault and I am not going to take it personally.

I was worried as they have through Monday to drop and add classes and I did not want an empty classroom on Tuesday.  So, I talked to one of the profs around here about it and he made me feel better about the situation.

Look of this as their wake-up call.  They need to do their homework.  They need to seek out help if they need it.  They need to pay attention in class.

After that talk, I feel a whole lot better.  I am glad that this happened now and not three weeks from now after their first exam.

I am breathing.  If they drop my class, it is not about me.  They are in college now and able to make their own decisions.

They all need to take this class at some point.

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